American silver eagle coin tube

  • Air tight fit for your american silver eagle coins and 1oz silver coins.
  • The snap-tight lid fits snugly and secure, yet comes easily with a simple twist and pull.
  • Built with high quality materials designed to provide your coins with long-term, safe preservation
  • Stackable and best of all Made in the USA
  • Curves on the corners allow you to get your finger between them for ease of use

Product Description
These have a tighter fit than the standard U.S. Mint Coin Tubes They are designed so the coins do not rattle. Very durable polymer construction, you can drop the tube full of coins and they will not come out. They are also made with stacking them in boxes in mind, with the finger groves without corners allow you to pick them up easily when they are stacked together tightly in the boxes…. More >>

American silver eagle coin tube

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